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Stremler AG

Am Schönbühl 1 | 88131 Lindau/Bodensee | Deutschland
Alphonse Stremler, Vorstand
Tel: +49 8382 9352 20 | Fax: +49 8382 9352 52

STREMLER AG is an owner-managed consulting company which has been specializing in corporate development and improving the added value of medium-sized companies and major corporations for more than 20 years.

STREMLER AG accelerates, improves flexibility and optimizes stages a company’s value chain, powered by innovative real-time-system solutions. The structures are aligned towards customer and market demands. On the basis of a lean philosophy, STREMLER AG reduces costs and eliminates waste. Furthermore, optimum responsiveness and transparency are guaranteed at each level of the company thanks to real-time data availability in the IT system. Streamlining processes and reducing the working capital releases funds for innovations and growth. Specialists at STREMLER AG support the transformation processes until the changes within the company are practised by its employees.



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