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Pétillances s.à.r.l.

148, route d’Arlon | 8010 Strassen | Luxemburg
Tom Girardin, Partner
Tel: +352 26 10 87 16

Pétillances is a continuous training agency dedicated to the development of relational skills thanks to a pedagogical approach so human as creative.

The Pétillances method has been specifically developed to create pragmatic solutions thanks to the collaborator’s experience while bringing them tools derived from coaching, diverse personal development practices, systemic psychology, team building and MBTI.



  • 12.05.2021

    Verkehrswende in Deutschland und Europa: Vorbild Luxemburg?

  • 29.04.2021

    Intreal eröffnet Niederlassung in Luxemburg

  • 07.05.2021

    The EuroHPC Joint Undertaking inaugurates its Headquarters in Luxembourg