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LuxConnect S.A.

4, rue A. Graham Bell | 3235 Bettemburg | Luxemburg
Tom Kettels, Chief Business Development Officer
Tel: 00352 276168 1 | Fax: 00352 276168 99

LuxConnect is a multi-tenant and multi-tier data center provider and dark fiber network operator based in Luxembourg.

LuxConnect’s four data centers have different Tier levels (from Tier II to Tier IV) and feature a total net IT surface of 14.700 m². Three facilities are certified by the Uptime Institute (depending on facility: Tier II and/or Tier IV; Design and/or Constructed Facility). All data centers are exclusively powered by green energy.

The company operates on a B2B channel model with services being delivered offered through various partners.

LuxConnect’s optical fiber backbone encompasses over 1.000 km of fiber throughout Luxembourg. The backbone connects all commercial data centers in Luxembourg redundantly and gives operators a choice of 12 country outbreaks to interconnect to and from Luxembourg.

LuxConnect was founded in 2006. It is a private limited company owned by the Luxembourg State. LuxConnect acts as a facilitator and incubator in the ICT industry and has been instrumental in the creation of LU-CIX, the Luxembourg Commercial Internet Exchange.



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