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1, Rue Emile Bian | L-1235 Luxemburg | Luxemburg
Thomas Huckert, Connectivity Consultant

TERALINK Solutions provides international customers with Telecom and ICT services from POST Luxembourg, a company with an international outlook, its diverse 4,000-member workforce represents 27 different nationalities.

Founded in 1842, POST Luxembourg is one of Europe’s most respected telecommunications companies. Now a leading provider of comprehensive, integrated Telecom and ICT services with worldwide connectivity and innovative business solutions for international companies.

TERALINK Solutions offers a unique combination of expertise and flexibility. Decades of experience serving the most demanding businesses and institutions enable us to provide leading-edge Telecom and ICT solutions that are secure and CSSF compliant. And our relatively small size allows us the flexibility to tailor business solutions that optimize your business.

TERALINK Solutions give you the power to work with the advanced technologies that are the best fit for your business, within a state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our international solutions offer high-capacity connectivity, satellite uplink/downlink, data storage, managed security, IT/Cloud/Media services and business consulting resources for national and international organizations.

Corporate customers can choose solutions that are turnkey managed services, a combination of shared responsibilities, or an implementation that you run yourself.

Our vision is to facilitate communication and ease the transfer of data and content between individuals and companies. We are committed to deliver innovative global telecommunications, information technology and digital media services, and to providing high-performance national and international infrastructures.



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