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Südallee 418 | D-54290 Trier | Deutschland
Luc Wagner, Jörg Weber, Geschäftsführer
Tel: 0651 999 89 000 | Fax: 0651 999 89 002

Two offices, two partners, one design concept


WW+ is an international company with headquarters in Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg) and, since 2011, an office branch in Trier (Germany). The managing directors Luc Wagner und Jörg Weber currently run 38 employees in various project teams.


Besides covering the entire spectrum of architectonic design, their specific working method includes a rational and pragmatic organisation of the design and construction process. Urban planning, public buildings, residential construction, open space planning, project developments and project management all bear witness to their approach of an integrated design methodology, from concept to organisation right down to the detail.


Numerous components must interact to create a coherent and consistent design concept. Ecological issues and user friendliness play as important a role as economics and construction. Room atmospheres and materiality, light situations and technology, but also organisation, expenses and quality as well as the direct contact with contracting clients form the framework conditions of their design and of the seamless implementation of their projects.


Superseding all this, however, is still a clear architectural language, which is rigorously conveyed, remaining visible throughout each and every phase.


For them, architecture is a multifaceted interdisciplinary process, which depending on the project crosses over into countless fields and leads to close collaborations with specialist engineers, landscape architects and experts of other disciplines. The many factors that need to be taken into account simultaneously require complex thinking, which is exactly what makes this activity so exciting for them.


Headquarter adress:

21, rue Jean Jaurès

L- 4152 Esch-sur-Alzette




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