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B Medical Systems Sarl

17, op der Hei | L-9809 Hosingen | Luxemburg
Carsten Neuwald, Regional Manager
Tel: 00352 9207311

B Medical Systems is the global market leader in the vaccine cold chain and a leading innovator in the medical refrigeration and blood management industry. Stemming from the biotechnological arm of the Swedish giant Electrolux, B Medical Systems manufactures and distributes medical refrigeration solutions such as blood bank refrigerators, pharmacy refrigerators, laboratory refrigerators, plasma freezers, contact shock freezers, ultra-low freezers, and vaccine and medical transport boxes around the world. All the products also have temperature monitoring solutions, providing one more layer of security to the specimens stored.

Based in Luxembourg, throughout its 40+ years of experience, the company has created innovative solutions to store and transport vaccines, blood components, laboratory specimens, and more across the world safely and reliably. Its products have reliably supported research laboratories, blood banks, and hospitals in their research and patient care, while also enabling governments, humanitarian bodies, and NGOs across the world to efficiently carry out vaccination campaigns even in the most hostile environments. Its commitment to supporting governments, health institutions, and NGOs has not only saved innumerable lives but helped communities develop and prosper.

Today, B Medical Systems is the only company worldwide offering an end-to-end solution of refrigerated devices certified by the EU MDR, US FDA, and WHO PQS.  



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