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Molecular Plasma Group

Technoport Hall 4B rue du commerce | L-3895 Foetz | Luxemburg
Marc Jacobs, CEO
Tel: +352 545 580 461

Molecular Plasma Group is a provider of custom-designed, scalable solutions for advanced surface functionalisation.  With our Molecular Plasma Technology we are able to graft a wide range of precursor molecules onto ANY surface. This allows us to create unique and novel surface functionalities.

One example is our MolecularGRIP solution which enables up to 10 x improved adhesion on difficult-to-bond materials such as Teflon, Carbon Fibre, Polyolefins, Titanium, etc. Another example is the immobilization of biomolecules such as IgE antibodies.  We have shown that with our process we can immobilize them in just a few seconds whilst maintaining full bio-functionality for ELISA testing.  This is 10.000 x faster than the current industry-standard wet-chemical process.  We expect similar performance for other biomolecules. Furthermore, we can create UV-barrier functionality, color glass surfaces, superhydrophobic or hydrophilic surfaces, and much more all with the same technology.

Products & services
- Development services for customised surface functionalities
- Pilot lines
- Small scale production
- Commercial production equipment & services

Major Materials & Manufacturing projects
- Introduction of our MolecularGRIP technology
- Biomedical market entry

Technical / technological capabilities
- Molecular Plasma Technology
- MolecularGRIP Technology
- Plasmapolymerisation
- Physico-chemical surface engineering

Main customers / collaborations
- University of Leuven (B)
- University of Gent (B)

Looking for
- Strategic Customers
- Scale-up partnerships
- Investors
- Cooperation with Universities & RTO’s



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